FlightSimExpo 2020 Exhibitor Announcement

Check it out - in case you missed it on social media, FlightSimExpo is announcing their 2020 exhibitor list today at 1900Z during a YouTube premiere with FSElite.

Check it out!
I wonder who will be there… 👀


I’ve set a reminder 👍
Cant wait…


You’re coming from Ireland?! 😳


Where is it this year?

Oh it’s in LV

Ah I’d love to come, but I live in London…

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Unless your gonna pay the flight buddy.
I set a reminder to watch the YouTube premiere 😉

Sounds like my early purchase of tickets will pay off this year. Phew!

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Glad to see so many people already registered! Just makes the hype so much better. Hoping to find a flight really soon.

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