FlightSimExpo 2018

Garuda skyteam!!!😍 Thank you so much!


I dunno, I cant remember now if Laura mentioned the sound engine for the TBM

ATCing MGM Resorts Aviation Aircraft! Anyone here flown this at one of the booths yet?


I am very happy to see Arik Air is coming. It has been some time and now to know that I can do short flights between Nigeria and other African countries is making me want the rest of the CRJs.

Also that TBM aircraft is also very nice. A new GA plane. Yes.


Not to complain, but it is a little annoying they aren’t adding the new livery to the CRJ-200.


I mean we’re replacing exactly what’s there now… 😉


@Tyler_Shelton. Is there any idea or hint of a 330 re-work along with airport lighting?

Nothing has been talked about lighting or 330. You will hear when they do. Everything that has been said has been posted above.


If it was not in the “What’s Next” presentation, it’s not coming in the foreseeable future

That was a wise decision of mine to disable the notifications for this thread a couple days ago.

So is anyone of you in Las Vegas right now? Or are we just like commenting the new features? What’s the weather over there? Hot? How’s the expo? Hope you guys are having a great time!

I would have loved to come, but it was to expensive because I recently moved into an appartment on my own and that’s not cheap in the beginning 😅

Anyway, enjoy if you’re there! Looking forward to pictures.

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Hahaha, I made that mistake, I’ve just had to read through about 300 new posts

Btw Im in Las Vegas at the moment. Very hot here but having a great time, the expo is going great…so far.

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I was there just left 30ish mins ago. Weather is 100 degrees, the Expo is still goin on and there are plenty of amazing things there.

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I’m leaving from Las Vegas Airport at 10:45am (local time) tomorrow (Sunday). Arriving back in the UK early on Monday morning (UK time)

Let’s get back on topic of the expo

This thread is not about what is or is not coming and why, order of development, number of votes, etc. People who are there are being nice enough to post updates. Please read the thread instead of asking questions that have already been answered.


No i buyed a Google Playstore Card :D

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What happened to the Eurowings CRJ-900 livery?


so like cabin lights in crj 700?

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Quick question for the Community. I’d like to make a quick video on the TBM 930. I’m wondering if anyone has a small clip of the aircraft from Laura’s instagram stream.


I would go… If I had the money…

Here’s the IF booth in all its glory. Mark is hard at work, as you can see.