FlightSimExpo 2018

Wait they were letting people fly it? Like non staff members?

Yup, demos are available. We hope you can stop by the booth!


Yeah all the new aircraft

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Awwww I wish I was there to fly that 😭


Now I wish I wasn’t in D.C lmao. Anyways have fun guys!

I REALLY wish I would have gone now. Hopefully it’s closer to me next year.

The TBM 930 is a beast. Please use it for more than just “tight patterns”. The aircraft is very fast and has a ceiling of 31,000 ft! Go watch some Steveo1kinevo videos on YouTube. He flys an 850 I believe


Heard of work in progress on Working Instruments being added and having tire smoke back into IF. Can’t wait for more information.

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I supported you guys :D happy now to play Infinite Flight Multiplayer ^^


Yeah, I heard Laura talking about tire smoke too. Cant wait to learn more.

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We really do appreciate that! I hope you enjoy it. 😊


Did you win a competition?

for the TBM features it says light-maps? what are those


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Seriously, a huge round of applause for the entire Infinite Flight Team. I will absolutely look foward to this update, can’t wait to have my hands on the new TBM and the new reworked A-10! I am glad to be a part of this community where we never stop growing and developing, keep it up!


Oh I will. It will also be a great island hopper.
I could use it for my speedy descents too.

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Sadly I couldn’t make it this year even though I’m close!! I will try to be there next year though.

Hey I’m at flight sim expo and I was wondering if anyone wants to meet up for lunch because I want to meet some people that use infinite flight

Check this up

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Laura mentioned in flightsim expos live stream something about rendering weather. It was hard to hear but it was canceled a long while back and they are working on bringing it back.


RIP my ears, I listened to it again at full volume. New rendering system so they can add better graphics like weather and I couldn’t make out what else she said regarding that. I heard the word gates…