FlightSimExpo 2018

Remember, there’s an event social at 5:30. If we haven’t come across paths yet, it’d be nice to meet the rest of you then.

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how much is @Grizpac complaining about the heat ?

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In case you’re wondering what the sound’s like, the TBM has a 208 sound as I’ve heard in some streams

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No complaints here. Being here is worth suffering through every degree above 70°F @anon66442947 .


My pleasure, i would like that:)

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Infinite Flight [FDS] Announcement Seminar - FlightSimExpo2018:

"Good morning everyone! My name is Laura Laban, I am the CEO and Co-Founder of Flight Development Studio; The company that made Infinite Flight.

So Now, What’s Next? What’s New?
We recently shipped the CRJ-700, that came with redesigned landing gear systems, steering, and interior cabin and following that trend, we are working of the 200, 900, and 1000 they are going to come in the same level of detail. Including full cabin detail and an interior camera so that you can actually peek in the passenger seat and look outside the window. The physicals are also very accurate for this one; we worked with actual CRJ pilots who gave us information and used the Beta to give us feedback.

The next one is the TBM 930, so that’s an exciting plane for us because it was missing in our wide variety of planes. We didn’t have a fast General Aviation plane that was that was not a jet. So the same kind of detail for this one! Detailed textures, lightmap’s, animated doors and cockpit.

The next one is the A-10. So this one has been in Infinite Flight since 2012. It will feature multiple liveries and we’ve completely redone everything about it, so new animations, detailed cockpit, and physics that are being tested by a secret group of A-10 Pilots.

Once more, we are bringing 15mm imagery this year for South America. This is one of the big regions that we are missing. So South America will for sure be in 2018.

We are also working on multiplayer replay system. We’ve had a single player replay system for a long time and the multiplayer was kind of missing. So we are going to work on that so you can just replay your entire flight and see other people fly with you and what they did. So it will be useful in cases where people have incidents, we can review the flight and see what happened.

We are also working on performance improvements, because we are on mobile so it is important for us to find new ways to have more planes rendered on the screen, especially in the multiplayer servers."

-Laura Laban

Everything Announced Today:

  • CRJ 200/900/1000 Series
  • TBM 930
  • A-10 Rework with 9 Liveries
  • South American Satellite 15mm Imagery
  • Multiplayer Replay System
  • Performance Improvements


CRJ 1000 Liveries: 11
Air France
Arik Air
Binter Canarias
Garuda Indonesia
Garuda Indonesia (Skyteam)
HOP! (Operated By Air France)
Iberia (New)
Iberia (Old)
NextGen CRJ1000

CRJ 900 Liveries: 15
Air Canada (New Livery)
Air One
American Eagle
Arik Air
China Express Airlines
Delta Airlines
Iraqi Airways
Lufthansa Cityline
Lufthansa Regional (Old)
Lufthansa Regional (New)
NextGen CRJ900
Northwest Airlines
Scandinavian Airlines

CRJ 200 Liveries: 14
Air Canada Express (Old Livery)
American Eagle
Aruba Airlines
Belavia Belarusian Airlines
Delta Airlines
Infinite Flight
Kendell Airlines
Mexicana Link
Northwest Airlines
South African Express
United Express (Old Livery)

Daher TBM 930 Liveries: 7
Black, Red & White
Infinite Flight (2018 Livery)
Navy Blue
Sea Blue

A-10 Warthog: 9
Not Released Publicly Yet

(Credit To @infiniteflight_17 on Instagram for giving a nice preview of some of the new liveries to viewers watching)

Thanks Again So Much FDS for the hard work that you guys put in


Garuda skyteam!!!😍 Thank you so much!


I dunno, I cant remember now if Laura mentioned the sound engine for the TBM

ATCing MGM Resorts Aviation Aircraft! Anyone here flown this at one of the booths yet?


I am very happy to see Arik Air is coming. It has been some time and now to know that I can do short flights between Nigeria and other African countries is making me want the rest of the CRJs.

Also that TBM aircraft is also very nice. A new GA plane. Yes.


Not to complain, but it is a little annoying they aren’t adding the new livery to the CRJ-200.


I mean we’re replacing exactly what’s there now… 😉


@Tyler_Shelton. Is there any idea or hint of a 330 re-work along with airport lighting?

Nothing has been talked about lighting or 330. You will hear when they do. Everything that has been said has been posted above.


If it was not in the “What’s Next” presentation, it’s not coming in the foreseeable future

That was a wise decision of mine to disable the notifications for this thread a couple days ago.

So is anyone of you in Las Vegas right now? Or are we just like commenting the new features? What’s the weather over there? Hot? How’s the expo? Hope you guys are having a great time!

I would have loved to come, but it was to expensive because I recently moved into an appartment on my own and that’s not cheap in the beginning 😅

Anyway, enjoy if you’re there! Looking forward to pictures.

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Hahaha, I made that mistake, I’ve just had to read through about 300 new posts

Btw Im in Las Vegas at the moment. Very hot here but having a great time, the expo is going great…so far.

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I was there just left 30ish mins ago. Weather is 100 degrees, the Expo is still goin on and there are plenty of amazing things there.

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I’m leaving from Las Vegas Airport at 10:45am (local time) tomorrow (Sunday). Arriving back in the UK early on Monday morning (UK time)

Let’s get back on topic of the expo

This thread is not about what is or is not coming and why, order of development, number of votes, etc. People who are there are being nice enough to post updates. Please read the thread instead of asking questions that have already been answered.