Flights today 6/4

Today wasn’t as busy as a day, as I did some longer flights, but tomorrow will have many flights so I didn’t do was many but here’s what I did today since you guys wanted another one:

  1. Paris (CDG) to Dakar (DSS)

The first flight I did was a flight down to Senegal down in Africa in the Air France 777-300ER. It was a nice 5 hour and 4 minute flight down along the western coast of the Sahara Desert and the Iberian peninsula during the evening not long before sunset. It was in the expert server like usual and callsign was Air France 718 Heavy

  1. Dakar (DSS) to Lisbon (LIS)

After going to Dakar; I’m gonna start to make my journey to South America now, so leg 1 is to Lisbon on TAP Air Portugal, operated by SmartLynx Malta’s A320-200. I flew an overnight flight to Lisbon and it was dark the whole flight going back up the coast of Western Africa then going into Portugal. The flight time was 3 hours and 19 minutes in the expert server, callsign was Air Portugal 1480.

Next up I’m about to fly is down to Rio de Janiero on TAP’s A330neo, I’m gonna takeoff here soon, photos come tomorrow of it, but if you wanna fly along, I’ll be flying Air Portugal 73 Heavy