Flights to do in 20.1 when the crash thing is fixed!

Here are all the flight that you NEED to do when the crashing is fixed, start off with EGLL-YPPH in a Qantas 787-9, NZAA-OTHH Qatar airways 7772lr, WSSS-KEWR, Singapore airlines A350, the if you are a bloody legend, YSSY-KJFK Qantas 787-9, and if you really a legend, EGLL-YSSY Qantas 787-9!!! Can’t wait to do these flight after the crashing is fixed!!!


Feel free to drop your suggestion here:


Also check this out ;) They got a nice convo over there


I did this with the bug. And I don’t recommend it but if you do do t turn on your device for a couple of hours

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