Flights that I have done

So I decided that I wanted to find flights that I have done in the past. I do not want to go through all of my replays to find them so I was wondering is there something that can show me my flights that IS NOT replay?

Your logbook, shows all solo and live flights.

Try looking through your logbook on the home screen of the App

Where can I find that?

Its in the main menu.

Your log book will have all the flights.

Also, you can log in your flight to so you can see stats and all your flights in the world map :)

Thank you very much.

Where do I enter it on flightradar?

Oh, for some reason that link didn’t work.

There is a site called my flight radar, you can make an account and press “Add Flight”

And I’m not talking about FlightRadar24 app.

Here it is

Thank you @tunamkol that is very helpful.

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