Flights Sub Category under Live?

I know many times it can get lonely to fly by yourself and you want some people to fly with you. I think a Flights subcategory would be a good idea. just let people know you are flying at a certain airport and departing at a certain time.

Great way to meet new people and make friends. Any thoughts?


Agreed! It’s a good one


I’m always lonely… :(

This is a great idea! :)


I am #forever alone for every flight I do.

(That’s what IFES is for). But I get your point

This is what the events category is for. Plus for ATC there is a ATC category.

If you don’t feel confident posting in those categories just announce it in Live :)

Should work also!
I suggested something like this earlier too :)

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Never felt like events category was for this. It seemed like it was for larger scale get togethers (VA/IFFG/full community)


Agreed. If I wanna fly, I’m not going through that procedure.

We kinda need a slack-like chat incorporating, though it would be a moderation nightmare.

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There are plug-ins such as babble that do impose chat boxes. However, this would take away discussion from the regular forum.

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And would most likely be abused, and almost impossible to moderate

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Could recruit trusted users to be able to moderate certain sub categories?