Flights over your Airspace?

This is aimed at people who do not live very close to a very major international airport, who would receive a larger variety of aircraft.

What aircraft fly above your house the most? For me a lot of Ryainair flights inbound to London Stansted, plus a fair few international flights and even once Air Force One

determined through tracking on flight radar apps


For me it would be a lot of translantic flights & BFS flights.


I “live” in DC though I am always traveling. I saw AF1 in my hotel room in Chicago once :)


I see and have flown on all kinds.


I get a lot of Delta Connection CRJ 2, 7, 9 flights from MSP and DTW. Occasionally a Delta 717.


Also a few military aircraft and helicopters as there is a rather large airforce base near me too!


Loads and loads of Easyjet and Ryanair flights coasting in above the south coast, inbound for Gatwick and other London Airports.

(I live near Brighton, UK).


If the pattern is right, I get UPS 757s and 767s, sometimes A300s, Crjs on all 3 big carriers, Md-88s. KCAE


I live near the ENULA waypoint for the HI IFR Julliet airway approach into EIKN! Mostly Virgin Atlantic, BA, Lufthansa and Aer lingus and of course the occasional American and United!

I live in Ireland about 40 miles to the northwest of Ireland West Airport Knock aka EIKN


Every flight to and from Van Nuys, Burbank, and a good bunch of LAX, so 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, 787, Crj-200 Crj-700 Crj-900, a319, a320, a321, a330, a380, Gulfstreams, Cessna Citations, plenty of GA. Mostly southwest 737, everything else is LAX or just random GA.

I basically don’t sleep 😄

I live near Bristol Airport so loads of EasyJet aircraft and Ryanair along with flights to Eastern Europe on Wizz Air

For me it’s a lot of Fedex aircraft heading to MEM.

when im at home during the spring semester, i see a bunch of 747-8 787 and a380s

Well I live near a active air musem where they get old planes and fly them and sometimes do airshows. Once the Vulcan bomber flew over (which is absolutely massive and very loud) and a lot of other old planes that stunned me

how did your windows hold up ;)

Lol they just stayed in the frames it was seriously loud

A lot of A320’s fly over my house at night for some reason, and a lot of international heavies fly by at night and day.

When I’m at home I usually see a bunch of 757, A320, A321, 737, C130, 767, and ERJ-145s. When I’m at school I see some MD-11, 777, 757, A320 and a few 787s. One is flying right now :)

I live near BRS and CWL so for me it would be Easyjet A319/320, Ryanair 738, bmi Regional E135/145, Thomas Cook A321, Aer Lingus ATR 42/72, KLM E190 and Thomson B738, B752 and even the ocassional B788 inbound for BRS. CWL has Flybe DH8D and E195, Vueling A320, KLM F70 and E190, Aer Lingus ATR 42/72 as commercial flights as well as BA B772, B773 and B744 coming in for maintainance.