Flights over the New Forest in the UK

Hello! I was exploring places on Google Earth until I saw the New Forest in South-Western UK. Are any flights above that? I would like to know. Thank you! Also dont spoil me with the scenery

You could literally just check FR24 and click on a plane above it…

I’m not entirely sure what flights you’re looking for. The New Forest isn’t a large place to fly over, however you may be able to get some overhead action if flying commercially to/from Bournemouth (EGHH) and Southampton (EGHI),

If you’re looking for local flights round the New Forest in a small aircraft, I’d suggest doing some flights from the following airports. Unfortunately these airports are not 3D, however are popular for local flights irl.

  • Bournemouth - EGHH
  • Bembridge (Isle of Wight) - EGHJ
  • Lee On Solent (Portsmouth) - EGHF
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Thank you for your response!

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