Flights over Europe taking a lot less time than real flights.


Today i started a flight with Alitalia A321-200 from LIRF to UUEE, so in Flightaware® it says that this flight takes arround 3 hours and 40 minutes, but in IF it takes me 2 hours 45 minutes (M0.78 cruise).

Is there a reason for this? Is it maybe that this flight goes slower IRL?


The winds can drasticlaly change flight time, tailwinds cut time and headwinds add time. Flightaware just gives estimations, not actual flight time!



Sure, it was my first guess, but i looked at the record of various flights between these two destinations, and it never takes less than 3 hours and 20 minutes.

You would need to ensure the weight and every other aspect matches that of the real flight. On IF you usually will end up having a quicker flight, also in real life it’s unusual for a plane to pushback and taxi within 5 minutes which is what it takes us so expect variations.


Make sure you cruise max Mach 0.83 in an A320, not mach 0.91

Never said those two numbers, i said mach 0.78. And cruise speed of A321 is M0.78 according to info on the internet.


Making sure you aren’t doing what a lot of people are doing

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Not too sure where you go that from. Maybe be a little more helpful 🤷🏼‍♀️


Thanks, forgot to took in consideration the taxi times, that must be it, added to the weight. Thanks!

I’m fairy certain that the times on FR24 are block times, and IF is just flight time no? @Chatta290


The main reason I believe is traffic. There are very rarely (on IF) long wait times to pushback, taxi, wait to take off, long vectors and holding patterns, etc. Since IF has much less traffic than the real world, this time difference comes into play, especially in Europe, which is quite busy in real life.

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Another part is diversions, most flights in real life with stay away from unfriendly zones, such as most Gulf carriers such as Emirates and Qatar stay away from Iraq due to tensions, but for the flight you are doing, I think Ukraine is the problem.

10/10 politics


Flights from San Antonio to Dallas always say 1:00 when it is more like 0:45. It is to account for holds, weather, delays, etc.

Also if you check the speed of a real flight you will see the speed fluctuates where in IF we typically climb faster than in real life.

What you are seeing is a mix of things that all add up to what you are seeing.


When you climb you looses alot of fuel and you go speed up during climb thus causing your time to speed up. When you reach cruisng alt 30,000 ft or higher you speed up to a high mach causing you to speed up your time as well. Also the time remaining is time left of fuel that you have.

Yes, it’s a mix up of different things. Now i understand.

Thanks everyone for the answers.

I was talking about total flight time, not remaning fuel or anything regarding the fuel.

And you can see ETA to Dest too (Estimated Time of Arrival to destination), in the status bar you can select it, obviously this changes depending on your speed during the flight.

Yes, underneath it , it says fuel remaining as well. Also diegar the reason your not flying the actual time is because your speeding higher then the actual FAA would allow at a certain alt. I recommend to have full realism slow down to mach 50-70 during the initial cruise

Still don’t understand why you mentioned the fuel remaining time.

And yeah, that must be another factor to take into consideration, didn’t know that such large speed regulations existed in these flights, thanks.

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Is there any website where i can find these speed regulations per altitude?

I never went faster than 300 kts until cruise altitude, normally 280 kts until cruise, as other IF tutorials said.

Also think about how in IF we are quite spoiled where we get to file our flight plan and fly that exact plan. In real life you’re being vectored and having constant amendments to your route as you go based on traffic, weather, and flow. Take a look at this route into ATL:


I’d imagine this filed route is very much a “straight line” into ATL which is what we might fly on IF but the real route is quite different.