Flights of 2

How do takeoffs and landings work for flights of 2 of more? Do they take off and land together or spaced out on final like normal?

Hi! Usually, they do indeed takeoff and land spaced like regular flights, the flight of X callsign only serves as an indication to ATC that a group flight is in their airspace. Only sometimes, such as with military jets will they land on the same runway at the same time, commercial jets will not (usually) do this!

This is inaccurate. If you are a flight of 2, you are expected to be within close proximity of one another.

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Whoopsies, don’t mind me 👀😳

Huh? A lot of the times you’ll see #2 break at minimums and preform the equivalency of a go around. At that point you’re no longer a flight of 2 but you still fly the approach and get cleared as a formation.

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