Flights in the Cessna

Hey all ,
I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy through these hard times . I stopped playing IF for a while but now I am back . As for now I do not have IF live so I’m just gonna do solo flights ! Let me know what good flights I should do in the Cessna or any other of the free airplanes ! Thanks and stay safe !

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Hey there, welcome back! I would suggest you take a look at this :)

I like practicing VOR in the SoCal area in the C172.

Or you could explore Colorado and California’s mountains.


@Speedyyy linked an awesome database! Whoever made it must be awesome hehe

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Thanks ! I appreciate it !

Your welcome!

Who is excited for the 777

Yes I wonder who that is🤔

You can fly through Bankstown in the Sydney area if you wish. Takeoff, fly along the coast and then turn back is a great flight.

Tour California! Start somewhere right at the bottom of the LA region and do touch and goes working you’re way around! Also, KSAN-KLAX is a good airliner flight if you’d like to do that!

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