Flights for XP

Anyone know any flights that would get your 9,000 XP without wind? Also, when I was flying my lhr route in casual. I had the speed at 500 knots when I landed I only gained 2000 xp! Does the speed matter when it comes to xp? Please help me thanks.

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Fly for 14 hours and land. That’ll get you close to 9k XP.

Ok thanks! I was wondering since some people even got 10,000 xp on windy days from lax to jfk

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XP depends on the conditions, flight time and how smooth your landing is

Dit you search this forum for ‘XP’ first? If you did, you would have found many posts with good info.

Here’s one:

Do ultra long hauls, they tend to give a lot of XP. If you don’t have time then look for very windy routes as I’m pretty sure they will give you more XP.

I mean if you’re really hungry for XP, then find an airport with winds in the 35-40KT range. And just do a bunch of touch and goes in a prop driven aircraft. You’ll rack up 10,000XP in 15 minutes. But lord willing, most people don’t dare to touch a prop. So choose something that you’re comfortable with.


Ok Thanks do you know how to find out how windy a Airport is?

Check this website out:

Use this website. Its primarily used for Flight Simulators. It’ll depict the airports and their METARs. Not all airports listed on here will be Infinite Flight.

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Ok thanks! I already have this app but sometimes what it tells me ends up being different in IF. I was wondering if you guys knew something else. Thanks anyway!

Just about everything you want and need to know regarding XP is listed above. Have fun! 😉