Flights, Flights and more Flights

Hello Humans,

After flying a lot of flights these last few weeks I thought I´d share a few pictures I took along the way with you. All mildly interesting information can be found above each picture. Enjoy!

Starting off with a Gusty and Stormy arrival into the Isle of Man after a quick hop from Manchester. This picture was taken on the 3rd attempt of an approach after having gone around the previous two times.

Evening arrival into Singapore in the A380-800 after an 8 hour flight from ZSPD.

This was a morning arrival into MHTG after flying the stunning RNAV approach for runway 02. If you haven´t flown it make sure to give it a go!

Here we have a trusty A-10 doing what it´s best at… no further explenations needed.

And finally, feast your eyes on this beautiful Bird landing at FBSK after a quick Cargo flight from FAOR.

I hope this was enjoyable and slightly interesting. I for sure had a great time flying to a bunch of diverse and interesting airports around the world.


Lovely pictures @Flying_Pencil

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Amazing pictures ! 🙌🏼 The 3rd one is
my most favorite one . Look like a Real Plane🤯 All Photos are amazing. The B777F Lufthansa Cargo is great Cargo planes are always fabulous. 🇩🇪 🛬

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