Flights diverted as New Delhi chokes on heavy pollution



Huh, strange. I thought Beijing in China and the country of Mongolia was the most polluted places in the world, guess I was wrong to say these were the only two.

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Yup today there was an event at VIDP, it got called off due to very low visibility

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It’s good to know something like this, but maybe some it up, instead of just putting a link to somewhere…

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Delhi is too much right now

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I’m suprised that India finally reached its peak efficiency on producing pollution :/, this is going to be a worldwide problem eventually as we see countries plummet to the ground because of/succumb to pollution :/.

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It is indeed sad😔

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Ik I find it to bad for Mongolia because they get all of China’s garbage


If this isn’t a sign that something serious needs to be done then I don’t what is

hmm does VIDP have CAT 3?
I think I’ve been on a CAT 3 approach once (YKF divert to YYZ due to very poor visibility)

Being an Indian, it’s a shame for all of us as the capital of India (New Delhi) has set up a new record of having the most polluted air in the world with air quality crossing 1000!! And that indeed very dangerous… The news report says that this polluted air is coming from punjab, where they dry grass in large numbers…