Flights delayed a little lol


I am currently sitting at JFK an hour delayed ( I copy real flight times ) , What should I do? I’ve been sitting at the runway waiting (No ATC) , I don’t know how to tell people to go around me either. I am also considering returning to the gate lol

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idk just takeoff ig


Best advice lol

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To be honest, if you’re sitting on the runway for an hour blocking traffic from arriving or departing, you should just go ahead and take off. It’s disruptive to be sitting on the runway and having people go around when you’re quite literally doing nothing.


Please go back to the gate or take off now u have to be courteous


When have sitting at the runway waiting and real flight times (at least good flight times) been in the same flight? Never. If there are people behind you trying to takeoff, then just takeoff, because I have a good feeling you’re gonna get some PMs from some annoyed people behind you.


if you want to simulate the delay, taxi back to the ramp and wait there, but there’s no way you just gonna block a runway and let everyone go around. Don’t block or disturb people with your own “realism”


I am returning to my gate right now

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2 hour delay, wow. Passengers are not happy

Officially returned to the gate what do pilots in real flight do?

Sit there, for you, if you are using another device for your flight, just chill on your primary device, or just watch YouTube on laptop

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It depends on how long the delay is.
If it’s only a few minutes, the pilots will likely just return to the gate and then prepare for another standard departure. If it’s a few hours, then there is likely much more to cover.
Air crews are only allowed to work a certain amount of hours. So pilots will usually check with atc for an estimated wheels up time because if one crew ‘times out,’ the airline will have to get a new crew to take over the flight for the crew that exceeded their duty time, which can be very expensive. They also may check any restrictions on slots available at their destination airport because this can also affect their arrival, which can lead to other issues. They may also check their fuel so that if it drops below reserves they can re-fuel.
There’s a lot, and I’m no pilot but I consider these to be some of the most common :)


For future reference, if you have two devices, be sure to download FlightRadar24 or even the airline’s app so that you can see any scheduled delays and when the plane is pushing back. For example, I fly on my iPhone XS Max and I track the flight on my IPad. Doing this helps me to really stay close to the schedule of the actual flight. If you can’t track and fly at the same time, just fly on your own schedule 😂

UPDATE: As of 10:05AM EST , I have decided to cancel my flight.

Summary of reason : Unknown also … my device is on fire tehe

Me who was a passenger and is angry

Anyways, maybe next time ATC will be on