Flights cancels/delay over HKG

Due to strong Typhoon, flights are cancel or long time delay in HKG, note for the families travel through HKG, be safe : )


My dad made it back. Wish it came a little earlier. HKT has started to fly to Victorville :(


My mother is on CX749(HKG-JNB) tonight , it has been delayed by 2hrs.

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Macau as well, I’m flying in there in 12 hours. Hopefully our flight isn’t cancelled.

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Saw the typhoon. I live at hk

Hope the flights will be back to normal. These kind of typhoons really affected HKG as one of Asia’s main gateway :/

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During T8 there was literally no planes registered on VHHH/HKG radio/ATC Frequency

Woah! I see a lot of traffic going on in Hong Kong…

All good now. Flights resuming as normal mostly.

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Yep, see lots of inbound traffic. Live in direct line with runway

Monsoon season is a nightmare in terms of IRROPS hopefully the airlines can get all this sorted out within a couple days.

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