Flights around the World! - Part 2/4

Welcome to Part 2 of my Around the World Trip! I hope you like it! :)

The Plan

Welcome to Post 2/4 of my Around the World Journey, starting from YBBN (Brisbane), and ending in… YBBN (Brisbane). This trip will be divided into 11 Flights. These Flights are:

BNE - SIN (Qantas A330)
SIN - DXB (Emirates B777)
DXB - ADD (Fly Dubai B737)

ADD - LHR (Ethiopian A350)
LHR - JFK (Virgin Atlantic A330)
JFK - GRU (American Airlines B777)

GRU - MEX (AeroMexico B787)
MEX - SFO (United A320)
SFO - HNL (Alaskan B737)

HNL - SYD (Jetstar B787)
SYD - BNE (Virgin Australia B737)

(When each leg is posted, it will be highlighted, as shown above)

Each part (topic) will be created after the next batch of flights has been completed in Infinite Flight.
Today’s post is about the second three flights, being Addis Ababa to London. London to New York and New York to Sao Paulo.

Flights ~ Information

Server: Expert
Flight Times:

  1. Addis Ababa to London - 7 Hours and 1 Minute (Flight Completed Thursday 5th August)
  2. London to New York - 7 Hours and 4 Minutes (Flight Completed Friday 6th August)
  3. New York to Sao Paulo - 9 Hours and 10 Minutes (Flight Completed Saturday 7th August)

The Photos!

1) Early Morning Departure from Addis Ababa

2) Late Lunch over Greece and the Mediterranean

3) Sunset Landing into London

4) Simply British

5) New York! New York!

6) Transfer time!

7) Heavy Takeoff from New York

8) Afternoon Tea over Puerto Ricooo!

9) Delayed Arrival into Sao Paulo

Thank you for checking out my pictures, I hope you liked them! If you haven’t seen part 1, it is linked here: Flights around the World! - Part 1/4


That wingflex of the A330 😂

also wth is Air Transat doing at SBGR

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These are great now I think ima do flights to all 50 states after seeing these

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Hmmm… repatriation maybe? 😂


Yeah you should, i’ve had a blast doing it, you should definitely do it

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I just need to do before school starts

hahaha, priorities

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I just will have trouble planing it

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Took me a while to plan it aswell, I just looked at the continents and decided to fly to each one at least once

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I will prob at least take a hour to plan it but it will be fun

Yeah, the planning is the boring bit, but once you get in the air you won’t regret it

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