Flights around the World! Finale! - Part 4/4

Welcome to the Finale of my Around the World Topic!!! I hope you have enjoyed my journey, and I hope you enjoy these final pictures!

The Plan

Welcome to the Final Post (4/4) of my Around the World Journey, starting from YBBN (Brisbane), and ending in… YBBN (Brisbane). This trip will be divided into 11 Flights. These Flights are:

BNE - SIN (Qantas A330)
SIN - DXB (Emirates B777)
DXB - ADD (Fly Dubai B737)

ADD - LHR (Ethiopian A350)
LHR - JFK (Virgin Atlantic A330)
JFK - GRU (American Airlines B777)

GRU - MEX (AeroMexico B787)
MEX - SFO (United A320)
SFO - HNL (Alaskan B737)

HNL - SYD (Jetstar B787)
SYD - BNE (Virgin Australia B737)

(When each leg is posted, it will be highlighted, as shown above)

Each part (topic) will be created after the next batch of flights has been completed in Infinite Flight.
Today’s post is about the final two flights, being Honolulu to Sydney and Sydney to Brisbane!

Final Flights! ~ Information

Server: Expert
Flight Times:

  1. Honolulu to Sydney - 9 Hours and 55 Minutes (Flight Completed Tuesday 10th August)
  2. Sydney to Brisbane - 1 Hour and 1 Minute (Flight Completed Tuesday 10th August)

The Photos!

  1. The Final Stretch!

  2. Jetstar 4, Welcome Home

  3. I Still Call Australia, Home!

  4. Final Departure!

  5. The Scenic Rim! 😍

  6. Touchdown Brisbane!

Overall Around the World Trip Information

Thank you for checking out this entire series, I hope you enjoyed my trip! This trip around the world took exactly one week and I spent 67 Hours and 6 Minutes in the air. Overall, this journey was really great and I encourage everyone to get out and do something like this!

Journey Stats Stats:

11 Flights
1 Week
67 Hours and 6 Minutes in the Air
One Trip Around the World

If you haven’t seen the trip before, the links to Parts 1, 2 and 3 are below!