Flights Achieving High Altitudes Mid-Flight

I can see that being very true. Holiday Season are some of the most profitable times of the year for many airports, both minor and major ones.

I see Dubai being a Hub profitting from all the Holiday Season traveling, but as for Business between Singapore and Finland, that may not hold as true as it does other times of the year, perhaps.

Looking at it, there seems to some mor travellers going to Singapore than to Finland, if we were to base that information purely of which altitude it climbs to, in early stages of its flight, but that isn’t a strong enough reason to be true, that there are indeed more people flying one direction or the other.

As for Holiday travels it can go in all directions, to anywhere, and at various amount of demand. Some airports really see a huge boost during Christmas, and certain airlines, depending much on their route network and hub location will see a increase in travel with their airline to particular destinations.

I know for a fact that many people from Scandinavia fly to Bangkok, Bali and other Asian tourist hotspot location over the winter. So for all we know, it could be that there just seems to be somewhat, slightly more people and cargo flying to Singapore fore Christmas and New Years than the other way around.

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That’s relatable, but many airports see huge declines in traffic numbers over the holidays too as airlines like LH park big parts of their fleets as business demands is very low during the holidays. Main travel days aren’t the 24/25.12 but rather the 21./22.12 and the 26./27…

It depends on each airline‘s/flight‘s customer group and many other factors such as crew layovers and other operational reasons and is handled differently from airline to airline and from flight to flight.

Now as a Singaporean here I have to say that there definitely will be much more demand for Singaporean tourists visiting Finland during the winter because Singapore is a tropical country (it’s bloody hot even in December), and Singapore’s school calendar runs differently from quite a few places in the world such that the school year starts in January so it’s the school holidays now. The flights would probably be quite popular with tourists visiting.

Edit: If you check out the flight history for AY131 (HEL-SIN) it does seem that the aircraft stepclimbs to lower altitudes (only reaching 40,000+ feet over the Bay of Bengal (around 2 hours to touchdown) so…

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Thank you everyone for all these suggestions, I am now trying to do this very flight again and I am leaving Singapore with the following:

972 kg cargo, 150 passengers, and 12 hrs 15mins worth of fuel.

The aircraft is at 60% load. I am hoping that within four hours, I can also reach FL430!

Thanks again for all the suggestions, and will try to update as to whether this works!

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