Flights 7/14 and Aspen Flyout

Yesterday, I did 4 flights and also hosted my first ever Flyout! All flights were in expert server

  1. Columbus (CMH) to Denver (DEN)

First flight was a chill peaceful flight that was 2 hours and 31 minutes with a little bit of turbulence, I used the Airbus A320 for United operating as UA738

  1. Denver (DEN) to Aspen (ASE)

I was kinda in a hurry for this flight so instead of flying commercially on the United CRJ-700, I just flew an F-16 subsonic all the way to aspen, which only took 16 minutes. I did this flight because in Aspen I was hosting the Aspen Flyout yesterday which had I believe 16 participants!

  1. Aspen (ASE) to Alamosa (ALS)

This was my flight for the Flyout as I was the last to take off after watching everyone, I used the Socata TBM-930 for this 36 minute flight

  1. Alamosa (ALS) to Portland (PDX)

My last flight yesterday, flew up to PDX with the Netjets Challenger 350 for the Portland Flyout hosted by @Ryan_15 today. This flight took 2 hours and 34 minutes


That had me laughing out loud!

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Funny thing was I stalled on landing

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And crashed infront of the whole crowd