[FlightReport] Qatar Airways QR1041/402 to AMM (including 48 photos)

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Welcome to this flight report from AUH-AMM,

We entered AUH 1h before Check in, when opened we dropped our bag and we stamped the passports and we went to T3 then back to T1, I prayed Fajr and they called on the flight, i was the first guy who entered the plane, then for some problems in the airport our flight was delayed 1h and
the pilot made intersection departure to reach early, Many ppl missed their flights’ to MAN.

Then we pusbacked, we tookoff and landed 1h05min late,


because of that we parked at DOH in the Cargo, we had 1h to the next flight, we ran because the gate because it was was so far.

Rating for flightQR1041 out of 10

Timing 6
Services 10
IFE 10 greatest IFE ever
Food 10 it was egg sandwich with Cupcake
Smoothness of takeoff 10
smoothness of landing 8
Overall 9

AUH Rating 9 (little bit old)
DOH rating 10
Flight was also delayed for 15m and we reached 7m late

we boarded the seats were much relaxable than the other one

we took off, i took a lot of photos, then we ate, beef with tomato sauce and mashed potato and grilled potato, Crossant, butter with strawberry, fruits, water and orange juice. DELICIOUS!!


We landed and we stamped our Passports, we waited our bags for 1h15min…

Rating for QR402 out of 10

  • Timing 10(yea I love delayes without having a flight after this or in a long transit)
  • Services 10
  • IFE 10
  • Food 10
  • Smoothness of takeoff 10
  • smoothness of landing 8
  • overall 9

AMM rating 8(due of late luggage)


Yes, photos are appearing.

Nice review!

Thank you much!

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