Flightreport Global: CYZT-CYBD

Yes, someone did this laat year… but it is global now

CYBT to CYBD is a VFR route taking you down the coastline and through the valleys of southwestern Canada. This route is around 120-140 miles long, giving a 45 minute flight time at around a 190 kias average in a Dash 8 Q400. I had a tailwind during the first half of the flight, so this may cause longer flights for others with a headwind. I landed on CYBD’s runway 5, a almost straight in if you fly through the valleys leading to the airport. Here are some tips for fly this route:

  • Take it slow. For the first part feel free to fly between 240 and 200 knots, but slow it down to 180 or so during the valley flying.

  • Enjoy the scenery. This is a very scenic route, however as a pilot you may have to fly carefully through some of the valleys and coastlines. Do the best to enjoy.

  • DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT FLY THIS ROUTE VFR. It is unenjoyable this way and harder than the VFR. Also, there is no even semi-close waypoints to make a flightplan with. If I could only say one thing, this would be it.

I hope you all take this advice and enjoy this scenic route, or even make one of your own! Safe flights!

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