FlightRadar24 vs FlightAware: What do you Prefer?

  • FlightRadar24
  • FlightAware

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Personally, I prefer FlightAware because it can do more than just flight tracking, but I’m curious to see what the community thinks.


Flightradar24 for sure can’t stand flightaware.


I like FlightAware but now that FlightRadar 24 has added so much more info on planes i really like it!, But Flight Aware is better at planning flights whilst FlightRadar24 is better at tracking i feel.


I can’t stand FlightAware either. I guess it’s just a personal preference thing. I don’t remember having any serious issues with FA.

As far as planning, I only reference FR24 to find a real world flight I want to do. Find the route, what airline, aircraft and flight number.

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I use flightaware to find out information from the past like gates, aircraft used on previous flights, flight time, etc. while Flightradar to find the position of an aircraft, the inbounds and outbounds of an airport, and just for random plane spotting while I’m bored. I can’t pick one or the other as I frequently use both but for different purposes.


No one likes FlightAware apparently.


FlightAware is for me, mainly to find flight numbers and routes for flights I will do in IF.

Aside from finding out a specific gate a flight used, I haven’t heard of or found anything that FA does that FR24 can’t. That’s why I think it comes down to personal preference on which one someone prefers. As for an appropriate terminal and gate, I just reference the airport’s terminal map and review gate info in the liveflight stand map.

I like FightAware for three main reasons.

  1. My PiAware ADS-B feeder I built (Build a PiAware ADS-B Receiver) feeds data to FlightAware. Since I give them data, I get a free enterprise account for free, instead of having to pay $90.

  2. Because of this enterprise account, I can track some planes (mostly Private Business Jets) that others cannot with FlightAware.

  3. While it’s not directly related to FlightAware, the PiAware (the feeder I built) allows me to see planes that I am receiving on a map. These can include military planes, such as the one time I tracked an E-4 Nightwatch, the President’s doomsday aircraft.


I prefer Flight Aware to help plan my IF flights. Very easy to enter to start airport, select an arrival airport then you can see all the flights and aircraft on that route to help make your flight!

Flightradar better for actual tracking and general spotting.

Horses for courses.


The feeder only costs anywhere from $40-$60 and I’m sure you can find some of the components at a cheaper price. It is totally worth it in my opinion. You can find more info about the enterprise account here.

I use FlightRadar24 for most flight tracking, but for military aircraft, ADSB Exchange is better. 360Radar is supposed to be the best for military flight tracking, but costs money.

I especially like the random flight feature on flight aware I use it when I’m bored

Yeah, sorry for necro-posting, but I’m going to bump this topic with my opinion on both software.

To be honest, I think both software are really useful for flight tracking in different ways. When I track a family member’s flight, I would use both software. Here are my reasons:


This software allows me to see what gate an airplane is departing from and arriving at on many flights. I also use it to help plan flights in Infinite Flight. I would think of a route I want to do in Infinite Flight and check FlightAware to see if I could find any real-world flights with the same route as me. Searching up flights by route is fun and helps me pass time. I also use this software to track flights. XD


This software really allows me to track a plane in real time. The plane moves smoothly and many times, I can actually track the airplane on the taxiway (before takeoff/after landing). I mainly use this software to see how old an airplane is and other features Silver offers. I also use it to track flights. XD

To be honest, I think both software are useful with their features.


TBH I like both:


  1. Gives flight plans
  2. Shows route (with FPL)
  3. Shows basic weather for free (FR24 doesn’t)


  1. Gives Aircraft registration
  2. Tells if aircraft is diverting (FlightAware doesn’t)
  3. Gives picture of that exact aircraft (FlightAware doesn’t, it just shows pictures of the aircraft)

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