Flightradar24 Troubleshooting

Okay so i just am trying to see if i am the only one affected by this issue. My problem is that alot is missing from flightradar24 & its giving me this error.

I understand this is flightradar24 & not infiniteflight, i just dont know a better way to get some information. Thank you for your time.

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A similar thing happened to me. It looks like FlightRadar24 might be down or experiencing difficulties. Wait a while and see if it up in a few hours.

This is like when LiveFlight goes down and people blame Cam, but bigger.

A lot of other people are experiencing issues at the moment and I’m sure the development team is aware!

Keep an eye out on their twitter page and I’m sure they’ll provide updates on the ongoing situation.

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Same thing happened to me. But I dont know what is happening.

I am having a issue that all the flights are not showing up. I searched up WN1393 and it tells me no results even thought I am taking the flight!

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