FlightRadar24 - Plane Finder: Comparison

I’ve bought both: Plane Finder and FlightRadar24 for Android. I am experiencing some differences and there are some things that one app can better than the other one. Which one should I use? I’ve made a comparison to show you what I mean:

1.) First Look

What I like about Plane Finder is that it fits the Android Material Desing better than FlightRadar. This makes Plane Finder easier to use and FlightRadar looks a bit old and not well developed. However, as you can see FlightRadar had 13,088 in their database, Plane Finder only 9510. Then, FlightRadar shows up to 500 planes at once and that’s clearly more than Plane Finder does.

2.) Aircraft information

3.) Departure and arrival boards

This is very difficult. FlightRadar gives detailed information about all flights in the near future and the past while Plane Finder shows flights which have departed and are in the air. You can’t see flights in the future. A point for FlightRadar.

4.) Filters

Plane Finder allows you to set multiple Filters at once, FlightRadar doesn’t.

5.) Issues

Which one would you use?

  • FlightRadar24
  • Plane Finder

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Nice review! It would be nice if you said which ones was better in your opinion. :)

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Yaeh squak alerts are a big thing…n also the cost to features ratio too…nice effort;!

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You had a what’s app, but in all seriousness I prefer flight radar 24. I think it all comes down to personal preference

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I find PlaneFinder very inaccurate

Very good comparison , I’m sure Plane Finder eats of FR24’s information … ;)

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Did someone forget the AR tool?

Yea, both have Augumented Reality

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Thanks for this comparison. I have never given Plane finder much thought.

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