Flightradar24 game

Have you ever been stuck on a long car journey, or are flying a LH route and are bored and don’t know what to do?

I encounter this problem fairly often, but to pass time I like to play a game on Flightradar24.

So I know what you’re asking; “What’s the game then?”, basically, you need to go to the other side of the world on FR24, for me this would be Australia (as I live in Scotland), and you have 7 goes to get to your country.

  • So a plane may be flying from SYD-LAX for example, I then click on LAX which takes me over there,
  • There then may be a plane flying from LAX-LHR, I then click on LHR which takes me over there,
  • From there, I can catch any flight heading up to Scotland.

… it’s not always that easy though, because you’re relying on a plane leaving from them destinations when you need it to, which nearly never happens.

A more realistic timeline of what happens is shown;


Hope it’s makes sense ;)

Thanks for reading, and hope this helps you pass some time in a car! Happy flying 🛫🛬


Ahaha that is awesome! I will try it out

Oh yeah I do this all the time!!

That’s actually pretty cool! I’ll see if I can make it to my home airport!

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