Flightradar24 for Infinite Flight

Hey guys hope you’re doing well. I was just wondering if there was a way to see all the planes on infinite flight and whichever destination they are flying to instead of just the flights that are closer to my area. Is there a link anywhere for this feature? Thank you :)

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You can use the LiveFlight app on iOS or the Infinite Tracker app for Android.

Search on the respective app stores.

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Thanks, is it free?

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Yes they both are free.

However, for the iOS you can become a paid member of LiveFlight and unlock more features.

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Hey there! There is 3 options that I know of!

Mapflight, Closest to FR24

Infinite Radar, Basic but helpful

Liveflight, the most used one.


Perfect thanks guys for the quick replies!

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I use this :

Works great and totally free with clouds layer included!

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