Flightradar24 Findings


Must be fun :)


I’ve got the issue circled here…any reason this routine 5-6hr flight took 8hrs 20min? 😂 I mean, clearly there was no diversion.


The airport is to heavy.


Yep! Military Contract


Because the flight never disappeared from radar

She landed at San Francisco, parked, and FR24 never took her off the radar


Crazy delays at KJFK. Like, crazier than FNF. As you can see here only one runway isn’t being used. The inactive runways are being used as taxiways. The result is this gigantic line. How’d you like to be stuck in that?


I surprisingly found a DHL flight in Europe going from EDDP-EGLL. I had no clue that was a flight at all.


Related but I found a photo with text I added


Hmm New Iberia I wonder what Boeing is doing with one of their maxes down there?


Also I found this photo that was heavies at lax only taking off in a line


Found this one that I edited it but since I have the alerts I took a photo of a beluga from TLS-CEG having a emergency returning to TLS then merged another photo of it from TLS-CEG doing the same flight “retrying” then having another emergency

Hope it’s not complicated I even confused myself




If anyone wants to track the Liverpool team leaving for Portugal from Liverpool John Lennon (EGGP) they are departing at 3.30 PM GMT.
Update and they are off come on redmen 🔴



Oh okay. Sorry.


It looks like my patterns trying to increase my IF Grade 😂


I found that Flightradar24 was down.


So I just found another one of FR24’s not too rare epic fails…

Because who DOESN’T get a C172 confused with a CRJ-100? 😂


Maybe it’s Halloween 😂😂😂