Flightradar24 Findings


For me it doesn’t. I have most information locked in the app itself. 😕


I just tried the app it is down as well


Longest domestic route in the US PHNL-KBOS


Speedbird 2652 squawking 7700 over Belgium


French airforce a330-200MRT flying over France 🇫🇷


Hawaiian Invasion 😏


Something is up in Orlando. Last week the ATL route got a 763 added to it and this week the LAX route gets a 739 added to it (usually all 757-200s)


SAS 737-700, 7700 General emergency. Landed back at ENGM yesterday.


Oooh a mystery plane! 🤔

And an Atlas Air 763 at Naples!


Beijing Airlines 737-700 BBJ over the Atlantic





AIRCRAFT TYPE: (A319)Airbus A319-111




AGE : (MAY 2006)12 years

Anyone any ideas?

Not a 7700, but appears to have descended from FL40 to FL6 in around 6 minutes. It is due to land in Manchester.

Edit - Landed at Basel Airport?


My Daily Flightradar24 finding #9

  • WOW Air Airbus A321 arrived into Shannon recently for some maintenance. This is just after a short bankruptcy from WOW Air with the concerns of Skúli Mogensen, the CEO of WOW Air.

Airbus Beluga XL!

  • After a few Test flights in Toulouse and storage handling in Tarbes, it finally starts one of its flights into Shannon for the first time. Reason here is yet unknown, but an awesome catch would be lovely to see this aircraft since I live not too far away.


YEAH! I saw that the other day and I’m that’s not a 727, because when I looked at the plane departing, it was a 76. Really weird that plane lmao


Omni air transporting troops? They came from PANC and landed at an Air Force Base in Okinawa and took of again. Mystery!!


Yep. They also fly into Osaka Airport in times. Anchorage is one of the common airports to stop for refuelling. 👍


Fellas,behold the power of the Stratolauncher.

It’s one BIIIIG boi.


United Airlines has started service to Everett WA


The service started about 2 weeks ago

SJC-PAE service started a month ago! :D


Yeah, I have seen that service multiple times before. I even have a screenshot of the first flight awaiting departure at SFO


I also just found out that United started service from KDEN-KPAE