Flightradar24 Findings


I found the intel private jet


Who is the Pilot ?


Duplicate registrations


Ooh there flying to AZA 👀


I’ve never seen a Alaska 737-700 either but they have one !


The main heavies the come to Vegas every day


Oh yeah. That’s KLAS baby!


LOT Polish Airlines are starting to struggle with aircraft, They are deploying Embraer’s to London Heathrow again.This reminds me of the 2016/2017 LOT.


I think it’s just a better solution rather than just sending their Dreamliners into Heathrow Airport. It’s all in relation to the 737 MAX groundings.


What about their -800s? Personally I think they should send over some Leased Blue Air 737-800s as they have 3 Blue Air 738s and 4 LOT 738s


I don’t think LOT owns enough of their Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The main aircraft LOT Operates currently is the Embraer, which is ahead of the Boeing 737.


Yes, they leased 3 blue air 737s though.


My Daily Flightradar24 findings #8

  • The legendary Lufthansa Flight LH500 into Rio de Janeiro, with a Boeing 747-400! Beautiful Aircraft, flying a really interesting route. Just found it along the massive Fedex Approach pattern into Paris CDG.


Looking at Victorville but found this instead what are they doing?


Does anyone have any idea what’s happening?
FR24 is just down again.


It was just working for me so i think you need to close all your tabs and restart your computer , Also are you using a School Chromebook


No, and it’s still not working. Does this happen a lot?


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I am guessing one of the GE90 747 testing flights with that one big 777 engine.