Flightradar24 Findings


That I’m not sure, I would have a Seattle native answer that


Yep, JAL started the route in March 31st. Take a look:



Yep! Saw that depart the other day! New service along with Cathay Pacific and another asian airline I can’t remember.


Infact, I even made a topic about that exact route a while ago!


A British Airways 747-400 from Houston has squawk 7700.


Two BA 747s with squawk 7700


That’s not new, but cool nonetheless


This might be new or seasonal service


It is a new service that started on April 2nd I believe :)


Look what i found @JacksonAviation!


What’s happening in Chicago? I have seen UA3716, UA3937, and OZ236 do a go around but if you look north you see HU497 doing a holding pattern. Is everything ok over there? The go around Ms are climbing


A little thunderstorm is causing some issues in Chicago. I live in Milwaukee so I’m watching to see if some planes divert, 2 have already, and it is also a little windy down there as well.


Ohh, thanks for the information


My Daily Flightradar24 Findings #7!

  • The Morning I got up at 10AM just checked FR24, to check the daily Khalitta Air Cargo Arrivals into Shannon Airport, but before that I encountered this aircraft heading towards my town. It is obviously the Antonov An-124. These aircrafts are my top favourites. They have the best engines with the best sound I could ever hear in my aviation life. I already knew it’s going to sound really great on a high altitude. I don’t have an idea yet on how much Cargo this plane is handling currently.

  • Just as expected it flew through my home. Sadly it was a bit cloudy by that time, but I was able to find the awesome shape and the wingspan through my binoculars. It also had a big contrail cloud passing by. I’d wish to see it clearly through my binoculars. 😉 The Sound is AMAZING. It lasted for long and this sounds much different comparing to the other aircraft at a high cruising altitude.

  • This is the Early Sunday Morning arrivals as I stated above of the Kalitta Air Cargo. It arrives every week from Istanbul and Maastricht. Every Fridays there is two 747’s coming from Istanbul, and one in Sunday from Maastricht. This Sunday it came from Istanbul instead. It came into a different approach angle this time with an awesome view in my binoculars. They always depart to the various U.S. Destinations such as Atlanta, New York and Chicago. They do contain cargo and stop here in Shannon for refuelling. 📦📦


That is the prettiest plane! Glad you found it!


Anchorage Finds

  • Found some Boeing pride heading to Nagoya. No idea why though.

  • Never seen a Alaskan 737-700 BDSF before

  • Weird charter. Also, a Atlas Air 767-300ER. That’s another first.


It is seasonal.


Can confirm that at that time, there was a very heavy downpour, and winds were very gusty


The Dreamlifter at Nagoya is a normal sight. It carries 787 parts built in Japan to the assembly factories in Everett and Charleston.