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charter for the Reds. @Kyle.r24 please feel free to explain


They have one heack of a travel schedule then…



spring training my dude


What sport do they play? (Sorry I know nothing… 😂)


baseball. just an FYI DL charters a bunch of sports teams, not just baseball


I know, I just find it a bit odd since it almost never stayed more than a hour or two. But who am I to say. A charter makes enough sense…


Cincinnati Reds Spring Training :)

They use that plane during there travel


Yep, that was my next guess haha.


Wow, guess I’m the only one… 😂


Yep reds charter… Go Reds!!!


Wait, do all the beaseball teams have this?


Yes, I believe the pirates use a United 739


They do. Ironically it actually looks like today that 757 was flying around from CVG to PIT to drop off the reds for a game tomorrow here. I need to keep up more with baseball now that cool planes are involved… 😂


I think I’ve found a delivery!


Saw that in Everett the other day! It was all painted and now today I guess it flew out!


Might’ve also been a charter flight Delta does those a lot I think if you have enough miles you can charter any of their planes in their fleet


That must be a lot of miles… 😂


Yeah when I looked the most expensive plane you could was a Gulf Stream V


Both the RNLAF KDC-10- and RAF A330 Tanker in a tank pattern due to ‘Operation Frisian Flag’, one of the biggest military aviation training mission in Europe.

Partners include:
• the Netherlands with sixteen F-16’s
• Germany using eight Eurofighters
• France using four Dassault Mirages
• UK with one Cobham DA-20
• Poland with eight F-16’s
• USA also eight F-16’s
• Switzerland bringing four F/A-18’s


Yep it’s the reds there playing the pirates this weekend image