Flightradar24 Findings


I was plane spotting yesterday and Saw the last Virgin Atlantic 747 land into Las Vegas because Las Vegas is no longer serving the 747 they replaced the 747 with the 787


This is Flightradar24 not plane spotting


There was probably some sort of executive VIP event


This won’t matter as much. The same information is displayed in Flightradar24 anyways… :)


That is a long flight for a CRJ-200


I unfortunately didn’t take a picture - but last night I saw a Korean Air B747-8F doing what seemed to be a diversion from it’s LAX- PANC route. It was flying like 500 miles southwest of Alaska, and I said, hold up, that’s not right. Lol.


Actually thats completely normal for cargo flights. Their schedules frequently change and flightradar will show the incorrect destination


Exactly , Flightradar is just like plane spotting just that your on a electronic device


I found this sky news Helicopter flying around Tottenham’s new stadium.
The first EPL game at the stadium just started.


Are there still planes in the US Airways livery flying around or is it a glitch


On jetphotos, photos are displayed in upload date order, not when it was taken. This could be a photo from before it was painted.


That plane is operated by air Wisconsin and air Wisconsin just terminated their contracted with American and the plane has not been painted into United’s livery or know one took a picture of it when it was running for American Eagle


@Cbro4 any bright ideas?


Charlottesville , VA ?


It’s in United colors now


Korean Air just Arrived and is Really early


27 minutes is not that early tho. It’s common for airplanes to arrive early because of wind etc.




Might have diverted or a reposition. We had a UPS MD11 divert last night.


No, I looked up iy’s flight schedule, and it continued from here to IAD, and it came here from Milwaukee a few days ago, then a few days before that it came here from MDW, it’s been making all sorts of short hops around the region, I’m frankly clueless…