Flightradar24 Findings


Wonder what this is?


Most certainly glitch. They use A21N on that route.


Can someone please tell me if this is possible, I’m most definite it isn’t…



Its a glitch. That happened on my end as well, @Ren explained it was a A321N. So I’m guessing that is the same case.


Oh ok. Silly me I didn’t think to @Ren, or another Philippineo. But thanks for answering bro 🤙 going to Philippines from Brisbane on the A321neo at the end of the year, super pumped 🤙


Omg, NSA spies are everywhere :o :/

Above Germany :(

And also above the Netherlands



The 757-200 is owned by Omni Air International, a military Airliner that carries passengers all around different military airports in the world. They also own the Boeing 767, 777-2 and the DC-10. Here is an example to show the possibility spotted.

I saw one of the 777 privately marked on FR24 marked like this one. All Omni Flights Land here in Shannon as a refuelling station and proceed clearance to the next continent.


Well here is one arriving just a second ago! The sound of the 767 is instantly recognisable. It is a lovely plane. I’d love this plane to be featured into Infinite Flight soon! :)


Very Interesting!

I’ve never heard of this plane but I wonder what it is doing? Testing?


Both aircraft were approximately 1,000 feet apart when they were right on top of each other. The Q-400 hasn’t moved for a few minutes though.


1,000 feet is the minimal separation, so all good i guess


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My Daily Flightradar24 findings #5!

  • Weekly Kalitta Air Cargo Arrivals into Shannon Airport in the nice late spring sunset. The picture quality is not so good but the aircraft flew by very low and I looked in clearly through my binoculars. It was a nice low pass!

  • A nice catch of the Qatar Government (VIP) Long Airbus A340-211 Aircraft heading back to Qatar from New York. This looks like a long flight, too! The reason of their appearance is unknown.

  • A rare catch of the Etihad Boeing 777 Freighter aircraft just landed on final into Shannon to refuel before crossing the Atlantic Sea. The Etihad Aircraft came from Abu Dhabi and it is their second arrival into Shannon Airport since a very long time.


That Eitihad cargo was droping off horses.


Really? Sounds really funny to me. 😄 I also heard about Abu Dhabi’s horse racing courses so I could guess they are using it here in Ireland too. Sorry, I live far from Shannon and I’m just guessing on what are these doing normally. I’ll just change it now.


No need I just wanted to tell you their off to aintree grand national I think


For anyone younger than 40 years take a look at this lmao


Found a L-100-30T!!