Flightradar24 Findings



Mesa CRJ9 diverting to Rapid City due to fog at Bismarck.


I found this aircraft flying into Chicago Rockford


What are they doing?


I’m no detective, but I think if you look at the callsign and the path of where they went, I’d say they’re cutting the airport. Jk, I actually don’t know.


Mowing the lawn near the runway. Callsign is a dead giveaway


Its not a plane, just a mower.


That’s a lot of holding patterns 😯


Two helicopters in pursuit of each other


Good catch! I bet it’s going to get painted in the Standard Livery now.


My Daily Flightradar24 findings #4!

  • An American Airlines Flight 104 to London from New York has made an emergency landing today after the crew reported a possible fire on board.

  • The Crew declared a Squawk 7700 May-Day at around 7:30AM.

  • The crew of the Boeing 777-200 Jet advised Air Traffic Controllers they had a “fire indication” in one of the cargo holds. The crew confirmed they have activated the internal fire extinguishers as a precaution.

  • The jet safely landed with the attendance of Emergency vehicles on the airport. The flight then continued to London.

  • Another interesting find of a Bombardier Dash 8-300 “ISR”, crossed the Atlantic Sea to reach Shannon Airport. I am not yet sure who is PAL Aerospace yet, could be possibly a military unit.


Found this outside L.A


All WOW air flights are canceled due to the airline shutting down 😭


Wierd route.


They’re probably ferrying troops overseas.


Got a notification of an aircraft with a problem and caught the beluga next to it


That is not. These are military routes that takes place around many military and passenger airports. Shannon is a stop in the Atlantic Ocean in Ireland which is undertaking a clearance and a fuel break. They carry mostly military related passengers.

As an example they also depart from Killeen, Norfolk Naval Station, Dallas FTW, Colorado Springs, El Paso Military Airport, etc.

I am also organising an event in relation to this. 😉


This is for whoever lives in San Francisco and is not going to be busy in about 3hrs


Well, this is strange. This may just be a glitch but if it’s not, well, idk how it’s going to make the flight.


No, the actuall destination is Samarinda. The Airport is reported that they changed his code to AAP too , which previously SRI