Flightradar24 Findings


A UA Flight is heading back to KIAH for an emergency 👀


Its about time SouthWest!


Southwest is in fact conducting a test flight to Honolulu! Hope to see regular flights soon!



A few finds!

Hmm? 🤔

Also found a Hercules.

Didn’t know they flew the A350 to Auckland!


This is self-explanatory :) @HiFlyer


These planes look gorgeous from a head on view 🥰
Here’s another coming into LGA


A Condor Flight from Germany to Mexico diverted into Shannon after reporting smoke on board. The A330 jet made a U-Turn and landed 2 hours later. That is a lot of time, 5 were transported to the hospital because of that and the plane shall depart the following day.


Two emergencies from the same aircraft


Another test flight (probably) after maintenance from GMF .




Just found a network rail helicopter near Manchester, UK


Looks dangerous hovering next to a busy approach path. :D


Squawked 7700


Update! Plane appeared to stop near the road at around 600 feet.


yeah that was insane


that doesn’t seem possible mate ;)


I think he meant it was raised to the 7700’th power 🤔


I haven’t seen United’s 737 MAX on this route before!