Flightradar24 Findings


Well…I just wanted to let you know,ladies and gentlemen,that lately there has been a lot of radio failures and general emergency’s like in one hour there was like 5 radio failures if I’m not mistaken


Tracing the highways, no big deal!
Also found some SB security


Do you get flightradar24 notifications about emergencies and such?


At a time when Chicago is usually bustling with cargo aircraft as well as aircraft bound for the Far East, the skies over Chicago and the tarmac is nearly empty

I guess -50 degree windchills impact everyone


IDK why but this photo was removed earlier. It’s a neat FAA flight inspection that I found in 2016 over KORD.


Um…can someone explain plz?


Wrong pic used… it happens sometimes 👌


when 2 planes have the same registration.


I found another pic taken by @Cameron_Stone


Haha nice. Just got that one up a few days ago 👌🏻


Looks like a bad day for flying. BHX must be packed given 3+ Aircraft have been diverted there (many NEO’s) and even Cardiff has had a few, it looks like this aircraft will have to do the same given the snow is not slowing down.


JL740 from Delhi to Tokyo(Narita) skids off rwy34L.
no injured reported and rwy34L is still closed.
So all traffic use Rwy34R its length is 2,500m.
long haul departure flights expect delay or cancel.

taken by NHK TV


Yes, you are required to buy the subscription but it’s worth it.


Ok thanks for clearing that up.👍🏾



Yep, this plane just passed my house through Tipperary. These planes are louder than the ATR’s, as I remember more than once.


Yeah they’re really loud. I remember one passed over my house east of New York at about 29,000ft and it sounded like it was a turboprop at around 8,000. They are LOUD. 🔊


I think I saw one of these yesterday over Toronto. Same livery. The AN-12s are rare here. Didn’t sound too loud though.


This is not a special livery right?


Air Canada stopping at grandma’s house for dinner before heading to Calgary