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Two hawker hunters off the coast of San Diego


found the ge9x


I’ve seen that mistake many times. Although there is a private learjet that displays a RyanAir logo that could be the CEO of Ryanair. It also flies to EIDW (Dublin). As this is one of the largest military bases in the UK, there are arrivals everyday. That display should be an error, where it says a ‘330’ aircraft. As this is a Airbus 330, we can confirm that this is the Royal Air Force making an everyday arrival into Brize Norton.


has been holding for 20 minutes with 31 knot cross winds


I see them very often. :)


Ummm, okay, I guess you don’t have to go to your final destination


@Cameron_Stone you take this pic?


LA Rams on their way to Super Bowl 53!!

(via instagram you can tell they’re on an American 787-9).


Has anyone found New England patriots on flightradar or are they blocked I tried looking for them. ?


putting security measures in place for the Super Bowl


They blocked it according flightaware.


Nice Skyhawk Air New Zealand 😭


Today is the first service with Sunwing from Toronto to Daytona Beach! JetBlue recently pulled out of Daytona so this is very exciting for the airport.
But this plane also has three different photos of it, including a helicopter which is pretty funny too 😂


saw this plane while walking home, interesting…


Looks like she diverted to KLAX


Saw this bout 5 minutes ago!


Very interesting I dare say 👍😉



First time ever, Emirates A380 Expo 2020 livery in Taipei.


It’s the Southwest 737-800 th at we have in IF! And it’s heading to @KPIT