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A Southwest Boeing 737-800 went OFF the runway just minutes ago in Omaha International Airport (KOMA). The aircraft, a 2 year old Boeing 737-800 registered as N8687Z, was inbound from a 2:13 flight from Las Vegas. It’s flight number was WN1643. It was landing on Runway 14R. No injuries are reported.

This has made a huge affect to the airport as all aircraft are currently diverting to close airports or back to their origin.

I will be constantly updating this post but if you would like to learn more NOW, please follow the links below:


Yikes, Southwest not starting the year off good…


Someone’s been living under a rock haha.

WOW Air is currently going through a financial crisis.


We all have our opinions


The registration was actually N8687A not Z

N8687Z does not exist


never seen this before


Well they still operate, so i don’t think my question was that stupid, but it makes sense 😉



Oh hey! What are you doing here? 😀


Flaps emrgency landing.
Diverted to LRCK


Diversion due to the winter storm.


Hawaii is sure busy right now


This is more of an anti-finding, I’m certain I just saw a westjet new livery 767 go over my house, but flightradar24 showed nothing…


I wonder who was in there.


Didn’t know China Airlines had this livery. Looks very nice though.

Also found the TAP A330-900.


China Airlines have that livery quite a while.


Check out South East Asia!!
Which is the region that no usage of Embraer such as ERJ 175 190 195 or any other.
You will see a lot of A320 and B737 operations except the big 2 carriers of South East Asia, THA and SIA.
Especially SIA new fleets A359 B78X and THA classic B744


This is not Flightradar24, but Google…
Apparently LaGuardia decided to add “LaGuardia AWOS” as a location in the middle of runway 4/22. Interestingly enough it is rated 3 stars by 14 people.

Sample Review: The place cant even get grapes right. Not only is it an eye sore they don’t even have food fit for human consumption. If you can manage to chock down the water flavored coffee that they fill only half way then you may survive at La Guardia Airport. Quite the worst airport I’ve ever been. Enjoy.

Not sure what the above has to do with LaGuardia’s weather forecasting but you get the idea.



I was there this morning at 7 for a flight to Atlanta, and I’ve gotta say it wasn’t that bad.



Sorry if you’ve scrollen this far down. 😅 This is a long post of my life spent over the past year in Ireland. Ireland is located next to the Atlantic Ocean. There is always something going on there. Cargo, private jets, commercial, maintenance, emergencies… Throughout the whole year there are many new range of aircrafts approaching Shannon, and sometimes Dublin. I’ve been searching through flight radar Everyday. And that’s only the ‘big’ result that I’ve just posted here now. The most interesting aircrafts visited Shannon. These include Antonov An-124 ( Big Fan ), Antonov 12B (Cavok Air), B747-f (Kalitta, Atlas Air, Cargolux, etc,), Flight Tests from Airbus (A350 & A330 NEO crosswind tests…), B777 British airways maintenance, Other aircraft deliveries, military aircraft like C-130. Also not to forget that Kuwait Airways stopped flying from Kuwait to Shannon, they’ve gained clearance to make a longer haul straight to New Youk everyday. I hope you’ve enjoyed my screenshots of 2018 to give a little comparison to other airports. Thanks! ☝️😀