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Holly child friendly content! 😱😍


Today’s morning in Japan, ANA985 from Tokyo to Osaka was both engine failure after landing:(
So the Rwy was closed for 40 mins

↑under tow with thrust reverser cowl opened


I didn’t know UNI Air have B777-300ERs.


Did you go see it?


I was taking finals when it landed, and it had already departed when I found out about it…


Aw, too bad, would have been nice to see some photos. Hope you did well on your finals


@kpit it’s coming back 👀

EDIT: now going to dallas fort worth. Oof


Dude, where are you going


So I figured this out, It’s just flying around passenger less since they can’t actually put it into service since the FAA saftey inspectors are off work…

EDIT: it isn’t supposed to have pax yet, but whatever… 😂

(I’m making a topic for those of you who want more info…)


A new route from my hometown airport to new airport in West Java. This route will be served with Wings Air :) .

cc: Thanks to airport editor team for adding this new airpot. WIIC/KJT 😉


TF-BRO (the WOW aircraft that we have in IF) has been grounded since late November. Anyone know why?



I guess this is the new livery of kuluala lol


On its way in 🇮🇪-🇺🇸


I just saw that too! It doesn’t look good on the A330


Came from KLAX anyone got any clue?


No I think it does look good on it.