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Diverting operational issue Squawk 2013 214 people on board


i actually have a question: what do they mean with the category ‘pinned flights’ on Flightradar24?


Air Canada usual procedures for a smooth approach and landing!

He’s not going around, but going asquare!


Medical emergency?


Wizz Air 4292 diverted to Belgrade after heavy fog in Tuzla.


I found two flight number-neighbors!


Japanese Airforce 11 now heading to Singapore for crew training

About Japanese Airforce↓↓↓
Japanese government operate two B747 but they will retire in this spring. And it will be replaced by two B777


This Sun County 737-800 is having a serious problem. This can’t be a diversion because he would of opted to go to KSNA or KLGB. The aircraft has been flying in a straight line at 8,000 feet.

Update: aircraft is decending and heading north. Still off the west coast


So apparently, this airplane ended up diverting to KLAX


Just hear A private jets climbing out of WAHH.


I found this very strange flight. I have not seen any news articles or anything about this route. @Mr_Jetstar you heard anything about this?


@Pilotcorn09 what was strange


Look at the photo, Air NewZand does not do any flights to and from Townsville, This might be a charter flight or a new route ANZ has started.


Get you now


My only guess wod be that it went for a repaint or something.


That A320 aircraft did fly in from Christchurch previously. I was told by a couple of people that the plane was stored since 10/2018 and it’s is potentially undergoing a lease to another airline. Which would explain coming to Townsville, probably for repainting in another livery at Flying Colours Aviation. But apart from that which is speculation, I don’t really know.


N849VA heading to VCV, most likely for a repaint


These to flew over my house and it sounded very close to each other


Unfortunately I cannot upload that video clip I recorded during that time.

During September in 2018 a notification came up on my iPad regarding this plane heading towards Shannon airport. I was super excited. It was one of the best aircrafts that approached right through my home. I knew it would be the best because I have heard these planes before. These planes are ultra rare. These are one of the Russian (or Ukrainian) beasts. I always observed Antonov aircraft flights. In Shannon it was normal that time. It mostly flies to Reykjavik airport too, as a stop for Atlantic instead of Shannon.

It was 12 a.m. when this notification came up. It came from Bologna Italy. I knew it was going to fly right above my house. Even though I have school tomorrow i had to stay up to see this. Once it was time i got outside the dark misty garden and took my iPad and Binoculars to record just the sound. I knew it was going to be loud. It was just a loud hook from the engine until it started roaring above me.

I will always remember that moment. ;)


This JetBlue a321 is coming back to JFK
-Reason unknown