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Looks like Ethiad’s 787-10 is visiting Nagoya!


A little bit off track, don’t you think?


Where is the Colombian President going?


ANA105 from LAX to Tokyo tried to divert to New Chitose airport due to medical emergency.
but, then the crew decided to continue on their way to Tokyo.(i think there was no staff at the airport because the accident happened at 03:00JST so the airport terminal already closed.)
when they arrived at Tokyo, unfortunately a flight attendant had already passed away…


Wait a minute…the flight attendant died?


This Spirit A320 diverted to Atlantic City from Myrtle Beach, then continued to LaGuardia



Lots of traffic today at Istanbul Ataturk. Every flight was delayed for approx. an hour. They have problems with the airport capacity. They really need Istanbul New Airport to be fully operational as soon as possible.


That’s crazy! Never seen Istanbul Airport like that, hope that passengers didn’t get very upset.


I don’t know when S7 airlines started to fly in North Korea but I find it very crazy. Probably the best way to see the DPRK without stepping foot in it.


she also complained of headache before the accident.


This plane didn’t have to do the right loop


Flightradar still thinks this has stopped for refueling


Omni Air now releasing their Boeing TUG for a trans-pacific flight!


Lots of diversions yesterday too with the low visibility : )

Sad to see Fiji’s A332 fly to LAX instead of SFO though


The Delta A220 already in action!


Why hello there 👋

Looks like N594HA, a Hawaiian B767, is still operating HA44 PHNL-KSJC


Some one look for me!
I’m ACER 14!


They have been switching it out for a while between the A332, A21N, and the B763 for some reason :)

And @anon93248082, are you AER14 ?


@GlobalFlyer1 yes I am! Leaving SCC now!


This is actually a crew training flight.