Flightradar24 Findings


That’s cool! Yet, I wouldn’t call it special as that is the latest new livery for Lufthansa. But not all aircrafts are painted with it so once again, cool find!


Road Trip!


I saw that too! a little strange Huh?


This thread is perfect for me! All I do when i’m bored is look at Flightradar24!


This does not look like a test fight after maintenance or something like that. Plus, Jet2 do not fly to Dublin, what’s going on here?


It’s a test flight


Ohhh OK, thanks! It really worried me and I don’t know why, may because it looked unusual, thanks for clearing that up!


That jet 2 had a post maintaince test flight and took a long route to burn off the fuel before coming into land 👍🏻 @iLike2Fly_787


Dang this week has been a great week for special liveries coming to Grand Rapids!



I just found this Pobeda Airlines B737 diverted to Belgrade instead of continuing to


Guess what, when I arrived at LAX at 6 am I saw that on the connecting flight status screen that Qantas operates SYD-LAX-JFK. So this is normal.


Someone’s having fun 😂


Is this just a test flight or will it be a scheduled route with this plane? If so, im gonna be flying on it!


Probably a test flight, because the first official flight is at the end of January.


crew training flight. testing was already done


Oooooooh okay thanks. A bit sad that they won’t use it on that route, I fly that route irl a lot.


Jeju Air is probably conducting some test flight after maintenance


Yeah, the route is normal, but the A380 on that route isn’t. It used to be operated on the 747-400, but now it is on the 787-9


huh, looks like a volcano erupted!



Yeah, maybe🤷‍♂️