Flightradar24 Findings


It is a charter flight.

  1. It isn’t a thing
  2. It has a high flight number (in the 8000’s)


If they are not regular there it could be a charter flight for a football team or something or it could be there as a diversion or for maintenance/painting.


I don’t see how it can be too heavy to go to CDG? Its got a long flight ahead to burn fuel to make it lighter?


Because of the mountain at SXM… If the aircraft is heavy, it will pack light on fuel and then make a stop at another airport to pack the fuel to it’s needed amount



789 that usually operates that route must be in for mx or something like that


You’re a bit far from Saratov mate


What the heck is this???

Look at the speed and altitude!!!


:o! Maybe its @KIND9624 flying his new drone that he got on Christmas around California! :o


Yaa, the range was a little further than they advertised LOL.


I have a Mavic Pro, and it does not go to 2,000+ feet or 70 knots…


Our very own Illinois One coming to Grand Rapids!


Damn midway hoggin all the Southwest special liveries. O’Hare gets no love :(


Southwest doesn’t fly to O’Hare


Remember the DL 772 that did DFW-SBN? Well it’s up to something else now


I think its special because rare enough flights to Australia passing over my city. And, from the North to the South (which is usually through Jakarta’s air space). This already several times already passed i.e. BAW, MAS, QFA, UAE
A bit of advice that i live in this city, not in Jakarta :)



Hey @robertine, could you post all your finds in a single post to avoid clogging the thread more than it already is, thanks!


Oh, sorry!


Two special Lufthansa liveries on my screen at one time!