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Why are aircraft back taxing on a runway at JFK? Is the runway not in use or is this a glitch?


It’s not in use at the moment. Also, lately when there are lots of departures and/or delays they will bring aircraft to runway 22R by having them cross runway 31R all the way to the west end of it in order to make room for the lineup


The west end of 31R is 13L😂


An Air Transit A310


Never saw an flight like that ?


found AirAisa A320

Connecting ASEAN Livery


Amazon Prime Air found


Seems to be diverting straight to PTP. Might have been too heavy to go direct to CDG today


Can anyone tell me what that is?!


Was not aware Delta operated any wide bodies to South Bend or out of DFW, not sure if this is correct. Click photo to see full info


I would have to say the control tower. From the looks of it at least


I just read into it and it does not appear that they have a different aircraft with that registration. The FAA website shows it as being the same. I just looked into it because i found it interesting that a small airport with short runway (for this plane compared to normal airports it probably lands at) would have that aircraft. Or even the equipment for it.



I drove by and there was nothing


glitch or could be a camera of sorts. was there a pole? some new airports are using cameras in a central area to control at airports


There most likely gliders


its middle in the night…


its an invasion


found British Airways B777 special livary


British Ambulance Helicopter