Flightradar24 Findings


Possibly got a repaint. who knows


A rare beast - a Saab 2000, by an airline I had never even heard of. With the props humming overhead I had to investigate…


This ERJ-140LR is trying so hard to keep up with this A310-F4 but it’s smaller engines are no match 😪


It’s like those scenes in the movies like when the main character/s have to get into a vehicle but the vehicle is moving so fast that they can’t get inside.



Introducing Fly With Me ground vehicles! This experimental project is where the plane’s ground vehicles and workers fly along side the plane to it’s destination! Now serving American Airlines.


For a second I thought that was true lol…





Wonder if Santa is low-cost? 🤔


I saw that yesterday😂😂🤣


3 Things…

I’ve never knew this livery existed
It’s flying from Vegas


ANTONOV from Lisbon to BEJA


Bit of a diversion hu?


It’s not going through the DPRK @ItsBlitz. As is indicated by the line colour it is going on the direct route animation as the line is balck meaning there is no radar coverage so they don’t know where it is so as you have predict route turned on it will just fly direct until radar is re-established. Hope that makes sense


Nice. Saw an An-124 @EGCC/MAN earlier this week or whenever when i was landing. Didn’t get a photo but a sight i will never forget.



I spotted a beautiful plane with a beautiful sunset and a strange route!

Sorry, it’s blurry, but it was dark, and the plane was at 33,000 feet


This route is normal, Air New Zealand does LAX-LHR.


Oh, oops! I feel dumb!