Flightradar24 Findings


The only plane in the South Island last night safely delivering presents on time :)


Santa is over the London area!




Ground speed 278knt. That’s slow lol


Merry Christmas! Here’s the big man himself!

Notice the age of the machine. Might be retired soon or need HEAVY maintenance


No just needs new reindeer


You should see atlanta with all there delta flights!


Dang it! Delta starts KSFO-PHNL and PHNL-KSFO for a week 😤 😡


My flight on 12/19/2018 from Taipei to Los Angeles pulled up and did a go around when we touched down since there was another plane on the runway (There were people that were sort of frightened by surprise when the plane pulled up):


Look at that vertical speed!


More importantly, look at that delay!

Almost 11 hours. Bet the passengers on that flight were happy.


That was Laudamotion (OE) flight operated by Ryanair. Laudamotion often has huge delays.


Rossiya Special Flight Sqadron at Lisbon (some weeks ago)


1 it is not an a350
2 People that speak French will understand.
Double mistake!


Most likely a new plane with the same registration as an old plane


Normal Ryanair flight


Lol are you french?


I just noticed that on every Flightradar24 plane, there is a typo saying “estumé” instead of “estimé” in French.
This is kinda funny but i’m Surprised no one at Flightradar24 noticed it!


No, @RoadRunner, I’m Robertine!

Yes, I am :)