Flightradar24 Findings


Bit of a cluster here in Minneapolis!


My battery life hasn’t got anything to do with this thread :)


Air New Zealand 787-9’s in Asia


British Airways flight BA2256 diverting into my local airport, Newcastle (EGNT) from Antigua after a diversion from London Gatwick due to its ongoing closure.


Gatwick is still closed! What a rare sight this is. An empty apron and approach into Gatwick.


Why is gatwick closed?


A drone was spotted nearby, check this out for more 10,000 passengers stranded - London Gatwick


What is this plane doing? I thought all flights were cancelled


Likely doing run-ups for maintenance/testing. Or someone’s just having a bit of fun while the airport remains closed ;)


I think you missed the turning! EDIT: Flights are suspended at Gatwick again because of a new sighting of a drone at 17:10 (GMT).


This is a beautiful Beechcraft am I right😂


Found a Huey earlier today


Severe storm just hit us, power surges by lighting caused the lights to flicker and my phone to act up. Flights diverted. That storm was insane!

Here’s a video of the calm of section of the storm


jail planes always come to okc


Since when did jet2 start flying to Albania?


Its some sort of charter flight. They dont have scheduled flights to TIA


Can a 737 BBJ even do this…? -Whiskey1


Definitely. the BBJ has a range of roughly 12 hours


So this ERJ was showing up as an airport vehicle, so…


Road trip! 😂